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Hilarious: 50 honest motherhood priority shifts

I'll be honest. I was one of those high-heel-wearing, freshly laundered, stylish-haired, toe nails painted, whole foods buying, mid-twenty something females a little over a year ago...... hey, I am a cosmetologist. Still am! But last March, my world went topsy turvy in that  most cataclysmic sort of way. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter. As I documented my pregnancy, my delivery, and those first few delirious weeks at home, I started to witness some changes in the sparkly lifestyle I had just spent twenty-six proud years cultivating. So, as I sit sprawled on my couch, nursing my little one, I decided to capture just a few more of these note worthy adjustments and share them all with you. Women and uteruses around the globe, feel free to agree. Laughs welcome. Mommy dribbles encouraged. (the mothers out there get that one) I can be lewd and blunt, so enjoy at your own discretion. Priorities from pre baby life to post baby. Here we go. I don't need a bra today.