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Your Zen Mama

Hi friends! I am delighted to share with you my article, titled "How to be Sexy as a New Mum" featured today on . I LOVE this site and the community the founders have started. It is all things "parenting" and "mama". Check out their site and my article in the Mom Love section for some giggles and mommy love. Follow Your Zen Mama on social media for updates, advice, and articles about having little humans around. Thanks and I hope you enjoy! By Brittany Shannon

Writer's Digest Book Pipeline Competition

I'm a big dreamer. And when I say BIG, I mean astronomically HUGE . I've been dreaming about this project since I was little, and I've been ambitiously pursuing publication, and book-to-film adaptation, ever since finishing this novel. Conquest of Canaan: Og is my first written and published book. A historical fiction written in a magical and modern voice, retelling the true events that take place in Joshua, in the bible. Now, I have sworn that I would not let my motives for being an artist get corrupted. I have stayed true and NOT checked the stats for my sales since week one. I know that is CRAZZYYY but honestly, I'm not in this for "stats". What I am in this for is creating a unique, emotional, artistic movement for readers and writers alike. As I read reviews of Og, my heart swells with pride. Everyone is eating it up. Loving it. Dying for more. Falling in love with the characters. Begging for an ARC of book two. It is more than I could

Online Book Club review of Og

I got my review back from Online Book Club for OG. My novel got a perfect 4/4!! Read whole review below: The story is told in the first-person narrative that switches perspectives with each new chapter. We get to see the story unfold before us through the eyes of a few different characters throughout the book. The two main characters are Kaya and Travin who are currently adults and have been friends since they were young children living in the peaceful town of Avoca in the land of Canaan. The bulk of the story takes place after both they and others flee from their town and become part of the growing Israeli army that is beginning its march through Canaan on towards the Jordan River. Though the advancement and fighting of the army is a big part of the book, the main thrust is actually found in the relationship between the two friends who have slowly drifted apart as they grew up. Through the testing of their newfound war and the myriad of new and old interpersonal relationshi

The Single Life

Poem (My First) The Single Life by Brittany Shannon Have you ever wondered, why one of God's commands Is for a woman to be married to a man? In order to return to our Father above, We are required, through better and worse, to love. Some people look forward to marriage growing up, They dream of forever after and such. What many don't know until they've said their vows, Is the commandment they've entered is much harder than dreams allow. Being alone with one person to please, You don't feel such weight, such stress, such grief. To care about another is much more than just romance, In God's eyes, marriage is a dance. The music is love, And you need to play it loud. The choreography is service, Which must not be done proud. Each step is an act of kindness, You sometimes make at the expense, Of everything you ever wanted, And everything you'd expect. You see it's much harder to be selfless and put first oth

Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon Commercial

Image The commercial for Bookwise Publishing featuring my book, Conquest of Canaan: Og aired today! Yay! If you missed it, follow the link above. The commercial segments each feature a different author. I had a 15 sec bit on channel five during general conference to talk about my book, OG. As of the coming Monday, OG will be stocked at Kings English Bookshop in Utah:) hooray! Let's make it fly off the shelves. OG is already a five star success and I can't thank you enough. I get to sit back on this beautiful Saturday and enjoy general conference with my family as a published author! Check out Kings English next week to buy your copy or order online. Link on top left corner of home page. So happy for #ldsconf weekend and the success of my novel. I love you all!

Readers Favorite Review of OG by Brittany Shannon

I thought today couldn't get any better... I'm wearing the new OUTFIT I bought over the weekend, on my super fun girls trip with my mom and sister. I went to Walmart and bought my kids $100 worth of winter clothes (trust me, Walmart is a GEM for me and my kids who go through clothes like fruit snacks). It's a gorgeous day in the upper 70's. My bathroom is almost remodeled by my fabulous husband. My virtual book launch party is literally in less than 2 hours!!! And I just got my review back from Readers Favorite. Guyssss I got 5 out of 5 stars!!! This is a shock. I don't know why, since my book has gotten ONLY 5 stars on Amazon, But I just need to pinch myself. I'm so grateful and happy right. Now. I am smiling pretty hard. Here is the review below and don't forget to join my virtual party for your chance to win a SIGNED COPY!  4-7pm MTN time. Click here to join . Readers Favorite Reviewed By Marta Tandori for Readers

Critic's Review for Og by BookLife Prize in Fiction

My heart is like, pounding. A 9 overall....a 9!?!?!?! And a 10 in character/execution!?!?! I have worked so hard for this and I'm seriously beyond thrilled. Below is my critic's report of Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon by BookLife Prize in Fiction: Assessment: Shannon's compellingly realized historical novel features plucky Kaya Lucan, a cynical, misanthropic wine aficionado, struggling to live in the war-torn Avoca region of Canaan in 1406 BC. The novel's strengths lie in both its taut suspense and its vividly drawn characterization; both Kaya and her childhood friend Travin are lavishly brought to life. This is crisply written and consistently engaging. Score: Plot/Idea: 9 Originality: 9 Prose: 8 Character/Execution: 10 Overall: 9.00 For more info on Og, join our virtual Facebook launch party on September 27! and join event! I will have guest authors, discussions, and giveaways! Don'

Low Carb Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash My last recipe was a vegan meal. This one could easily be if you leave out the Apple chicken sausage and use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. However. Since I occasionally enjoy lean meats, I thoroughly suggest the organic Apple chicken sausage!! I used 1 large spaghetti squash, prepared by baking it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. (cut length wise, remove seeds, place face down on a cookie sheet with a little water.) Meanwhile, I sauteed the sausages (3 cut up) with 2 cloves of garlic. I cooked a package of quinoa in a separate pan, using half water and half chicken stock. When the sausages where done, I added diced celery and carrots with a tbs of rosemary. Perhaps a cup full of both veggies combined. I added the quinoa when it was finished and at the last minute threw in some chunks of kale. I took out my spaghetti squash, shredded it as necessary, filling it with the quinoa mixture and adding a little of the spaghetti squash. I topped

Vegan Burger: Black Bean Burger

Black Bean Burger I'm not a vegan vegan. I'm not anti meat or anti cheese. (mmm cheese) But I have to be very cautious how I eat, for my body, and for my son who I am still nursing. I cannot, CANNOT, have dairy unless I want to really have a colic day. NO THANKS. When I'm nursing, I am strict on my dairy. I also just eat small amounts of meat. One of my fav cheat meals is a hamburger. Scratch that, a cheeseburger! My go to vegan option is my Black Bean burger!! It's amazing. Sidenote: my husband even loves them and he is a food/meat connoisseur. If you're interested, it takes 5 min to prepare and all night to enjoy, plus it is super low calorie!  Patty Recipe: I use my ninja blender and combine the following: 1 Can organic Black Beans (rinsed) Half cup bread crumbs of choice About 2 tbsp dried cilantro Dash of black pepper Dash of garlic salt When they're at a refried bean consistency, remove and roll into balls. Pat flat. I "fry&qu

Belly Wrapping

Belly Wrapping So I was a guest on Elise MamaBear's YouTube Channel. We did a Vlog about belly wrapping. The belly wrapping we did was strictly DIY with household items you would normally already have. It was recommended to stay on overnight. :) The purpose of belly wrapping is to shrink your stomach, tighten skin, detox. It is a temporary fix only. For permanent results, leave this blog post and get some medical attention. Diet and exercisssssssssseeeeee...... Anyways, it was fun. Even if the funnest part is just hanging out! Te he he....enjoy! (And subscribe to her channel!!!)

What if Adults Did What Babies Do?

Role Reversal Documenting Brittany Vlog 3 Babies are so cute. LOLS So, this is my third Vlog for Documenting Brittany. It is a take on role reversal. What if we adults did what babies did? Yes, I know, my wall is very blue . Oh, and yes, don't worry...I didn't neglect my children in the making of this. They were a crucial part of it. :) Also, just a tidbit of defensiveness, I don't spend hours on my phone. This video literally took me about 12 minutes to make. Plus, documenting my life (Documenting Brittany) is really fun for me and I know my kids will look back one day and be glad I did!!! Hope you enjoy! Leave some comments and don't forget to subscribe!