Vegan Burger: Black Bean Burger

Black Bean Burger

I'm not a vegan vegan. I'm not anti meat or anti cheese. (mmm cheese) But I have to be very cautious how I eat, for my body, and for my son who I am still nursing. I cannot, CANNOT, have dairy unless I want to really have a colic day. NO THANKS.
When I'm nursing, I am strict on my dairy. I also just eat small amounts of meat. One of my fav cheat meals is a hamburger. Scratch that, a cheeseburger! My go to vegan option is my Black Bean burger!! It's amazing. Sidenote: my husband even loves them and he is a food/meat connoisseur.
If you're interested, it takes 5 min to prepare and all night to enjoy, plus it is super low calorie! 
Patty Recipe:
I use my ninja blender and combine the following:
1 Can organic Black Beans (rinsed)
Half cup bread crumbs of choice
About 2 tbsp dried cilantro
Dash of black pepper
Dash of garlic salt
When they're at a refried bean consistency, remove and roll into balls. Pat flat.
I "fry" them on my stovetop, sprayed with just a little coconut oil. When I flip them, I top with dairy free cheese. Okay, so it's kinda like cheddar flavored tofu when eaten plain, but on top of stuff you can't even tell! It's yummy. I swear.
I then used one slice of bread of choice, mashed avocado with mustard, and topped with kale and tomatoes.
It's gourmet!! Low cal. Easy. Fast. What more could you want in a recipe? Plus, you feel like you're eating a cheeseburger. Heck, make it a double!
Try it sometime, even if you're not interested in going vegan. Let me know if you have any good vegan recipes worth trying.


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