Readers Favorite Review of OG by Brittany Shannon

I thought today couldn't get any better...
I'm wearing the new OUTFIT I bought over the weekend, on my super fun girls trip with my mom and sister. I went to Walmart and bought my kids $100 worth of winter clothes (trust me, Walmart is a GEM for me and my kids who go through clothes like fruit snacks).
It's a gorgeous day in the upper 70's.
My bathroom is almost remodeled by my fabulous husband.
My virtual book launch party is literally in less than 2 hours!!!
And I just got my review back from Readers Favorite.
I got 5 out of 5 stars!!!
This is a shock. I don't know why, since my book has gotten ONLY 5 stars on Amazon,
But I just need to pinch myself.
I'm so grateful and happy right. Now. I am smiling pretty hard.

Here is the review below and don't forget to join my virtual party for your chance to win a SIGNED COPY! 
4-7pm MTN time.

Readers Favorite

Reviewed By Marta Tandori for Readers’ Favorite

“Disease kills what the sword does not.” This prophetic statement says much about Og: Conquest of Canaan by talented writer, Brittany Shannon. Og is religious historical fiction at its finest, with liberal doses of spiritual conflict and adventure all rolled into one, sure to please lovers of this genre and have them clamoring for more.

The year is 1406 B.C. and the non-violent town of Avoca has been attacked. Twenty-two-year-old Kaya Lucan has lost the father she loved and is alone in the world. The victim of rape, she is on a self-destructive path and looks to numbing her pain in the wine she copiously consumes. The only problem is that the numbing effects of the wine are temporary and the core of her problems seem to lie in one Travin Shelomo, her childhood friend, who is working his way up the ranks in Joshua’s army and, much to Kaya’s displeasure, is courting another girl from Avoca, the obnoxious Bronwynn. Kaya is soon separated from Travin and her friends, only to be inadvertently wounded as she escapes yet another attack – this time by someone she knows. With illness and infection invading her body, Kaya fights to stay alive for there is a reward waiting for her; a reunion with her friends and Travin. But there’s another problem that soon becomes very evident when she sees Bronwynn – and this one Kaya simply cannot handle - so when Joshua, the military mastermind determined to conquer Canaan, calls to arms able-bodied men and women, she recklessly enlists.

War and bloodshed. Pillaging and plundering. Devout belief in the Almighty God and selfless service to that God. Og, Conquest of Canaan has it all. From the plunders of war, to the stench of slaughtered bodies festering under the onslaught of the relentless sun, to the complete annihilation of entire cities to, finally, the ever-constant threat of disease, Shannon’s story has it all, told with painstaking attention to detail. Brutal yet riveting at the same time, Og: Conquest of Canaan is certainly not for the faint of heart – or for the weak of stomach - yet like the sharpened end of the mighty sword, it delivers a powerful thrust that is sure to please.


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