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The Single Life

Poem (My First) The Single Life by Brittany Shannon Have you ever wondered, why one of God's commands Is for a woman to be married to a man? In order to return to our Father above, We are required, through better and worse, to love. Some people look forward to marriage growing up, They dream of forever after and such. What many don't know until they've said their vows, Is the commandment they've entered is much harder than dreams allow. Being alone with one person to please, You don't feel such weight, such stress, such grief. To care about another is much more than just romance, In God's eyes, marriage is a dance. The music is love, And you need to play it loud. The choreography is service, Which must not be done proud. Each step is an act of kindness, You sometimes make at the expense, Of everything you ever wanted, And everything you'd expect. You see it's much harder to be selfless and put first oth

Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon Commercial

Image The commercial for Bookwise Publishing featuring my book, Conquest of Canaan: Og aired today! Yay! If you missed it, follow the link above. The commercial segments each feature a different author. I had a 15 sec bit on channel five during general conference to talk about my book, OG. As of the coming Monday, OG will be stocked at Kings English Bookshop in Utah:) hooray! Let's make it fly off the shelves. OG is already a five star success and I can't thank you enough. I get to sit back on this beautiful Saturday and enjoy general conference with my family as a published author! Check out Kings English next week to buy your copy or order online. Link on top left corner of home page. So happy for #ldsconf weekend and the success of my novel. I love you all!