Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon Commercial

The commercial for Bookwise Publishing featuring my book, Conquest of Canaan: Og aired today! Yay! If you missed it, follow the link above.

The commercial segments each feature a different author. I had a 15 sec bit on channel five during general conference to talk about my book, OG. As of the coming Monday, OG will be stocked at Kings English Bookshop in Utah:) hooray! Let's make it fly off the shelves. OG is already a five star success and I can't thank you enough. I get to sit back on this beautiful Saturday and enjoy general conference with my family as a published author! Check out Kings English next week to buy your copy or order online. Link on top left corner of home page.

So happy for #ldsconf weekend and the success of my novel. I love you all!


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