The Single Life

(My First)
The Single Life
by Brittany Shannon

Have you ever wondered, why one of God's commands
Is for a woman to be married to a man?

In order to return to our Father above,
We are required, through better and worse, to love.

Some people look forward to marriage growing up,
They dream of forever after and such.

What many don't know until they've said their vows,
Is the commandment they've entered is much harder than dreams allow.

Being alone with one person to please,
You don't feel such weight, such stress, such grief.

To care about another is much more than just romance,
In God's eyes, marriage is a dance.

The music is love,
And you need to play it loud.

The choreography is service,
Which must not be done proud.

Each step is an act of kindness,
You sometimes make at the expense,

Of everything you ever wanted,
And everything you'd expect.

You see it's much harder to be selfless and put first others' needs,
Than it is to be single, wild, and free.

God tells his children to covenant in marriage,
The storybook says next comes a baby carriage.

The truth is hardship and struggles will enter,
A long line of wishes with hope at the center.

It starts when you bring home a little pink bundle,
Trust will be broken and romance will crumble.

Together you realize what you don't want in life,
The heartache and loneliness cuts like a knife.

You pray and you search for what should be done,
And hope with the next bundle the battle's are won.

Many years go by, and you remember the years,
When you were single, you shed so little tears.

Compared to now, when the real value of your soul is tested,
The single life was nothing but play, choice, investments.

It would seem your marriage has been more down than up,
When the two of you beg God to bring back your love.

You glance at your children, the full life you've lived,
The sacrifices you've made, all the time that you give.

What has been a mountain of trials to climb,
Now produces blessings, all revealed with time.

You love your family with all of your heart,
Your marriage, the work, it's all been an art.

Sometimes it's messy and you have to start over,
But you're still dancing together, the music's just slower.

Instead of a jive, with just two partners in speed,
A family must waltz, the parents in lead.

Notes will be strummed, you'll try and succeed,
But sometimes you fail and the note is off-key.

All the while your heart has grown,
In the many ways the  love of God has been shown.

What he's asked is not simple or easy at times,
There will be days you envy your single life.

But not one person who has experienced both,
Will tell you they'd give up their family-based hope.

A marriage is meant to teach us more than a war,
We learn things, we do things, better than ever before.

Patience and loyalty are imperative leaps,
As you dance through hell, a remarkable feat.

To become like God, we must do all that we can,
To escape the mortal weakness of man.

Giving up ourself in the place of another,
You learned what it meant to be a father and mother.

Serving in sickness, you grew to know Christ,
For the pure love of charity  has transformed your life.

It might be easier to be single, even after kids are born,
For then a relationship with a spouse and the responsibility is shorn.

You can do what you want, eat what you please,
Discipline children and handle finances with one-parent ease.

A marriage between two is a God-given trial,
One that proves over time to be worth while.

In the midst of commandments and effort put forth,
God changes humans, he alters their course.

A hard heart is softened, betrayals let go,
The family bond strengthens all that you know.

It isn't meant to be easy, Christ said so himself,
He never left us alone, He is here to help.

When you put faith in God and give Christ the power,
Your marriage will be sustained, every minute, every hour.

It won't always sparkle or be breezy and fun,
Sometimes the music is only a hum.

If the instruments fail, if the strings break
One must keep singing, for that's what it takes.

In the end, you'll feel gladness and joy,
For all of your efforts have proven God's ploy.

You love marriage way more than you ever loved single life,
There's nothing greater than being husband and wife.

By Brittany Shannon


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