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I'm a big dreamer. And when I say BIG, I mean astronomically HUGE.

I've been dreaming about this project since I was little, and I've been ambitiously pursuing publication, and book-to-film adaptation, ever since finishing this novel.

Conquest of Canaan: Og is my first written and published book. A historical fiction written in a magical and modern voice, retelling the true events that take place in Joshua, in the bible.

Now, I have sworn that I would not let my motives for being an artist get corrupted. I have stayed true and NOT checked the stats for my sales since week one. I know that is CRAZZYYY but honestly, I'm not in this for "stats". What I am in this for is creating a unique, emotional, artistic movement for readers and writers alike.

As I read reviews of Og, my heart swells with pride. Everyone is eating it up. Loving it. Dying for more. Falling in love with the characters. Begging for an ARC of book two. It is more than I could dream of.

What else is more than I could dream of?
Og becoming a book-to-film adaptation.

So, I entered my novel into the Pipeline Competition.

Of course I'm not the best author, and my story is probably not the best in the entire universe (but feel free to let me believe it is) Nonetheless, I KNOW this novel would make an EPIC movie.
Adventure, romance, spiritual confliction.
What more could you want?

Below is the synopsis of Og. Take a gander.
Also, if you haven't already, pick up a copy for yourself and let me know what you think!
(Available at King's English Bookshop and online Amazon, print & eBook)

Og is an imaginative fiction that combines adventure, romance, and spiritual confliction in a gripping retelling of biblical events. Led by the famous military genius—Joshua—the Israelites embark on the barbaric conquest of Canaan, including the pivotal abolition of Og, King of Bashan. This multiple POV saga illustrates ancient times in a magical yet modern voice, bringing to life far-flung settings, historical politics, and the immortal tribulation of love.
Abandoned by her mother, and orphaned by her father, Kaya Lucan is as impartial to existence as her hometown is to politics. A haunting past and a mundane life of indulging in wine, caring for animals, and tolerating her (only) two friends—Travin Shelomo and Rebby Daan—characterize the witty misanthrope. But when their pompously neutral village, Avoca, is destroyed by diseased rebels, all of its inhabitants must flee.
The year is 1406 BC. Psychological warfare has consumed the spine of Canaan. Rogue rebels run rampant. The disease kills what the sword does not. With Avoca uninhabitable, Kaya Lucan is forced to seek refuge in the wilderness. She follows Avoca’s escaping inhabitants to the nearby village of Taavetti. The Avoca survivors congregate in the tabernacle, including Kaya’s closest childhood friend, Travin Shelomo and his naggy girlfriend Bronwynn. Before any plan for search and rescue can be made, the village is descended upon by a massive Israelite army.
Led by fearless commander, Joshua, the Israelite military has been crusading across the spine of Canaan, conquering kingdoms. Tales of Joshua’s victories frighten the wicked Canaanites, and encourage and strengthen Joshua’s loyal soldiers. Unbeknownst to Kaya, Travin and his charming, best friend, Rebby Daan, joined Avoca’s secret combinations as kids—a scandalous organization covertly offering instruction concerning all things warfare—and have been training for this day for years.
Travin’s aspirations of triumph, and salvaging a tarnished family name, propel him into enlisting at Taavetti. Joshua 1:16: All that thou commandest us we will do, and withersoever thou sendest us, we will go. With the threat of extermination lingering, Kaya recklessly accompanies the draftees. After all, she is an expert at running from her problems. She’s also an expert wine connoisseur. Although Travin and Rebby enthusiastically improve ranks in Joshua’s brigade, and excel in their new profession, violence and religion require a fierce personality adjustment for Kaya.
While camped at the Israelite stronghold of Shittim, Kaya drowns her woes and numbs her nightmares with wine, slacking in her veterinary duties while dedicated soldiers prepare for the impending battle against Og, King of Bashan. Travin, on the other hand, favors the Israelite customs. Having grown up under the shadow of a disgraced family name and an abusive father, Travin distances himself from the Shelomo reputation by succeeding as an honorable soldier. Although his relationship with Bronwynn is an emotional hindrance, he exhibits a natural talent for combat, earning rapport among Israelite officers, and one by one overcoming his insecurities with the help of his charismatic sidekick, Rebby Daan.
The three friends are taught the ways of the Israelites, including war strategy, weapons handling, simulated combat scenarios, and religion. But famed cynic, Kaya Lucan finds their laws confining. Her heart is blackened by pain and ill-fated incidents, and she doubts the idea of God, love. . . fate. At Shittim, she encounters a subsequent distraction: comfort in the arms of attractive soldier, Westin Fahim.
Sparks fly, but the flame takes a dangerous turn.
It is not the only fire burning.
The daunting crusade of growing up parallels the intensity of battle. A charismatic Rebby, a gentle-hearted Travin, and a self-destructive Kaya unearth the complexity of tactical brilliance, faith, and survival. Captivity and torture plague the young friends, with Westin becoming a permanent prisoner of notorious Canaanite ruler, Vaclav. The climax unfolds as the bloodthirsty Vaclav and his Canaanite army pursues Joshua, resulting in an epic battle during the crossing of the River Jordan. Victorious in this battle, the Israelite army sets up camp at Gilgal to prepare for yet another siege against Jericho.
Having stared death in the eye, Kaya nods at the desire to embody the righteousness of her friend Travin, to overcome both physical and mental demons. She is offered a marriage proposal by an amicable confidant, Rajmund, who gives her the glimpse of a stable future she’s always dreamed of. Although exceedingly talented and handsome, Rebby bears the brunt of a self-serving officer’s power-struggle. Travin becomes one of Joshua’s most trusted and skilled recruits. He wants to fight for the Israelite cause, he wants to make the Shelomo name proud, and he wants to save the woman he loves. It isn’t Bronwynn.

Conquest of Canaan: Og
By Brittany Shannon
OG Copyright © 2016 by Brittany Shannon Lemmon All rights reserved.


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