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Pipeline Book Awards 2017

Pipeline Book Awards 2016 review of Conquest of Canaan: Og by Brittany Shannon With regards to your submission for the 2016 Book Pipeline Competition, below is the internal feedback from our judges, commenting primarily on the entry's film of TV potential. Although the notes are relatively brief, we trust this will help give you a bit of insight into our process. CONQUEST OF CANAAN: OG This is certainly a very unique approach to an epic biblical narrative as it follows the lives of three young friends as they experience the conquest of Canaan within the ranks of the rising Israelite nation. Historic fiction based in a biblical setting is very rarely done and the last of a notable work of this kind was perhaps Ben-Hur (1959). For that reason, this work holds a level of originality and freshness that could surprise even those very familiar with biblical narratives. Even the characters involved possess an unusual level of realism and uniqueness that is not often prese