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Great Loves

Today I’m going to write about Great Loves. Writers are good at telling stories, and telling our own is sometimes hard. Recently, I’ve been having dreams about each of my Great Loves. I’m kind of a person who believes nothing is a coincidence. It leaves me wondering: What does this mean? What can I learn from this? Each of my Great Loves has become a deep part of who I am. I believe that’s why I’ve had one dream about each of them recently. I think my soul searching is reminding me of how I became who I am today. Let me add that I’m not a creeper who has fantasies about loving other people — I’m Very committed to my marriage! Dude. But I’d be discriminating against my heart if I didn’t acknowledge the Great Loves that influenced me, that brought me into this sense of person and woman that I am. I am very confident in myself and my situation, which gives me freedom to discuss these past Great Loves with fondness and nostalgia and appreciation. I’m also luck