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Recent Art

Alive with Color 36x36' $$$   I have been doing a lot of custom commissions this year. It is so fun; and apologies also to people who've inquired about "purchasing" something I custom painted. I do have a lot of originals still for sale. Also, everything I've ever painted can be purchased in a reproduction of your choice: Prints Canvases (All are giclee) Hanging Board/Wood Board Prices vary per size and material. See my contact page for generic pricing. (Custom commissions fluctuate) I do post some of my artworks on my Etsy shop which can be found here. Everything else I do as a private sale. Yes, I can accept Venmo! Along with custom paintings, I've sold tons of my cute hand-painted notebooks. These are the funnest, and they make the best "thoughtful" gift. I've explored more watercolor (I still love to hate it LOL) And am preparing a huge painting to enter into a BIG worldwide art contest on Feb 1! No pics of it yet. I'm glad you've sto

Resurrection (& Easter thematics)

Resurrection and Easter Paintings These are so simple I’ve considered doing YouTube Tutorials for Paint Along with Me videos. They’re done in acrylic on paper 9x12” unless noted. Mary; Master oil on canvas Even the Sparrow II  mixed media on board Even the Sparrow I 5x7 oil Giclée 

Past Projects

Here are a few of my past projects. Do you have a favorite? Watercolor Card Oil on Canvas 36x36” Oil on canvas 11x14” Oil on canvas 36x48” SOLD available in reproduction print or Giclée  Ammon On the Easel oil on canvas 26x36”

Healing the Lame: A missionary’s Experience

I painted this for my brother who served his mission (and was recently abruptly called home six months early) in São Paulo, Sul Brazil. It’s his story to tell, not mine. But I painted it! I tried a different technique. It’s very Bob Ross inspired. Eu espero que você gosta de minha pintura. Óleo no canvas  Dezesseis x Vinte”

Southern Utah MountainScape

March 7 I had the opportunity to do a live painting in the Southtowne Mall. I chose a Southern Utah Mountainscape (although I did not use a picture so this is an imaginary mountainscape 😛) Oil on board 16x20” with Handmade Rustic Frame Here it is in the making...can you guess what I was listening to? Clue: it wasn’t talk radio.