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On the Easel

On the Easel Today. Here are the paintings I’m “working on”. I told myself “I’m not gonna be an ADD painter who jumps from project to project without completing them. 😂😂😂 That is exactly what I do. Canvases everywhere! Paint pallets everywhere! At one of my art shows a guest asked me, “How do you know when a painting is done?” I said “oh I don’t.” Mostly, when someone orders it; haha...then I have to ship it out. But whichever ones are at my house I add stuff to, over and over again. Rarely do I say, “Okay this is it: I’m finished.” I do have finished paintings, but here are the ones “on the Easel” (Which are “finished” but get frequent glazing TLC) He Loved the World Jesus Christ Among Friends First Estate He Came From Nazareth Even the Sparrow III Mary; Master

He Loved the World

New painting. He Loved the World Oil on canvas board 8x10

Pyrography Art

If you hadn’t heard, I’ve started pyrography. It is really fun. I’ve added paint on top of most of my wood burned pieces, and I’ve even turned some into clocks. Some are on display at the mall where I have many of my paintings showcased. Here are a few images of my recent works.