Even the Sparrow I

Even the Sparrow I

I did not anticipate this painting (my original Even the Sparrow) to inspire a series.
It sis one of my favorite biblical passages (and one of my favorite gospel radio hit songs by Jason Gray! Listen to it....Sparrows. You’re welcome)

I put it in a frame to center my “Jesus Shrine” happening in my singing area. One the other side is Even the Sparrow II.
I couldn’t bring myself to put one of my own paintings on the shrine shelf but they’ll flank it until I feel like I’m ready.

Oil on canvas 
15x30 unframed

She is my most frequently purchased painting in a variety of print options. This is a wall hanging board. 11x14

5x7 GiclĂ©e 

I have not removed the glass yet hence the reflections.


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