ZIsistersON T shirts for women

As sisters in Zion we All Work Together!!
Who wants to spread the love of sisterhood?

These shirts are so basic, they’re anything but basic.
We want to remind women everywhere that we have more in common than we are different.
We are here to help one another.
We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak!

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Whether you like a more fitted T or a loose band T, these shirts are for you and your sisters.

These are perfect for girls camps, family reunions, relief society events, bachelorette parties. Etc. the options are endless!!!
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WAnna know more about us?? Read below:

My friend and I have began making shirts. These t shirts are for women, to celebrate the sisterhood! Where you may be in the world.

Being sisters together in Zion is more than a message or a hymn, it’s a purpose.

We are here to all work together.

You can follow us on Instagram @zisisterson for giveaways and updates, as well as Facebook ZIsistersON.

We will accept PayPal and Venmo.

The shirts are $19.99 each.

They come in white and black solid print.

They come in fitted t or loose band t styles.

They come in S M L XL.

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Please follow us on social media and message us there if you have any questions!!


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