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Alive with Color 36x36' $$$   I have been doing a lot of custom commissions this year. It is so fun; and apologies also to people who've inquired about "purchasing" something I custom painted. I do have a lot of originals still for sale. Also, everything I've ever painted can be purchased in a reproduction of your choice: Prints Canvases (All are giclee) Hanging Board/Wood Board Prices vary per size and material. See my contact page for generic pricing. (Custom commissions fluctuate) I do post some of my artworks on my Etsy shop which can be found here. Everything else I do as a private sale. Yes, I can accept Venmo! Along with custom paintings, I've sold tons of my cute hand-painted notebooks. These are the funnest, and they make the best "thoughtful" gift. I've explored more watercolor (I still love to hate it LOL) And am preparing a huge painting to enter into a BIG worldwide art contest on Feb 1! No pics of it yet. I'm glad you've sto