All About Brittany

As if I don't talk about myself enough, right?
My name is Brittany.
I'm super quiet and serious.

(Shakes head)
I am the Brittany Lemmon part of the Brittany Lemmon Art.
I started Xpressive Art Designs to try and incorporate all of my creative passions into one. It's exhausting.
I paint.
I sing.
I am an American writer.
I've been a professional cosmetologist since I was 18, which allows me to cut, color, and splash art to my heart's content. I also work as a test manuscript evaluator for a local publishing company. For about a year and a half, I worked as an SEO creative content writer for a marketing agency--where I learned that I am an excellent ping-pong player. (Whooped almost everyone at 9 months pregnant...not a lie)

I enjoy everything, pretty much, unless it bugs me.

I love all elements of art...except pictures of coffee cups. (I still don't get it)

My creative indulgent hobbies range from blogging, to writing 400 page novels.
I dabble in photography, vlogging, painting, singing, dancing, kitchen cabinet DIY, and cooking.

I am a wife and a mother.
My family is my LIFE.


I came out of the womb performing, spent over half my life in the performance arts, could have pursued a career in the entertainment industry but was required to sacrifice some of my "integrity." I didn't.
I chose to fulfill my fourth grade dream of becoming an author.
Waaaay introvert. I know.
I also sometimes paint. The rest of the days that end in Y, I am so extroverted it hurts.

I volunteer as an ARP facilitator (That's an Addiction Recovery Program) God blessed me with this new stage when I chose to convert to the LIGHT and target my talents toward reflecting Christ.
I have traveled four-soon to be six- times to give presentations on the ARP.
I currently facilitate a phone in meeting Sunday evenings.
Changing the world one "sober" thought at a time.
You can grin.

Although I live a Christ-centered life, I have a weird obsession with the dark side of things. Twisted books and movies have my heart.

But I promise I do love life. And like, four people.