Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Brittany Lemmon endeavors to depict familiar stories and

feelings in unfamiliar ways. Her goal is to spark interest, thought, and provoke spiritual connectivity.


Brittany Lemmon is a self-taught artist who has explored every avenue in creativity through observation, study, and practice. She was born a creative enthusiast who dabbled in the performance arts, gymnastics and competitive dance before discovering painting. She pursued a career as a cosmetologist and combines her love of color, splashing and cutting in painting clients and canvases. She currently volunteers for the Addiction Recovery Program, finds time to exercise, and cook. She thanks her husband and three kids for their support.


Landmark Artist, current

Art Display Eborn Books, Collectables, and Gifts at the Shops at Southtowne Mall 2020-current

Gallery Artist Urban Arts Gallery SLC, Utah February 2020

RAW Artists showcase SLC, Utah February 2020


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