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I'm Brittany.
You keep hearing that--sorry. I'm trying to become a "painter." However, I have very little interest in what can easily be summarized with one word "the hustle". I don't do "networking" or "climbing the ladder." I don't do social media (very little...I mean its not even installed on my phone). I have done some art shows, submitted art to magazines, and been in a few digital exhibits but...like I said, it detracts from what I really love. WHICH IS MAKING ART.
So, right now, I'm making art.
I am NOT making a living making art. ;)

I like to paint, primarily with oils.
I also do acrylic time and again, and recently became a professional in pyrography­čśŐ
Totes the coolest.
I paint OVER the wood burning too for some epic and unique artwork.

(See how cute I am?)

Oil on canvas
Under Water 2020

Oil on canvas 18x24
Pastel Splash 2020

Wood Burning Butterflies

Wood Burning

Oil on canvas 11x14
Colorful Love

Valentine’s Hand Painted Gifts

Jingle Bells

Oil on canvas 16x24
The Newborn King

Oil on canvas 36x48
Joseph: A Father’s Love II